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About Us

The company was setup with the objective of providing manpower with a more effective resource to help resolve complex strategic and operational issues. Our reputation and credibility have been built through delivering practical and implementable solutions to clients – both domestic and international covering both the manufacturing and the services sectors.

Innovative Consulting with over a decade of solid experience is the most promising name for total IT solutions. Our professional team is committed to helping you support your business objectives by implementing IT solutions and best practice processes. We are highly concerned with the quality of our solutions and services. Moreover, we constantly work on developing and improving our service performance to satisfy our customers and to maintain long-term cooperation with them. Automatically requesting a discussion with a prospective client initiates two-way discussion of the intricacies of the project

About Us


We are aggressive about providing our clients with technology solutions, but we are also aggressive in sharing the foundation upon which we have built our company.

  • Ethics
  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Long Term Thinking
  • Value Creation
  • Customer Delight